Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For Reals This Time

Hello! Happy Day! Today is a great day in Cara Lou Land. Things are going my way and I'm feeling fine. The day is sunny and warm but not deathly-hot; I'm eating enormous quantities of fresh produce; I'm productive, active and working on my fitness like nobody's (no idea how that should be spelled) business. Things are great around here.

You may have noticed that I did not blog over the weekend. I ended up not having a computer after all because I was house-sitting. But no matter -- my weekend was terrific! William and I spent the weekend doing whatever we wanted, which was relaxing and fun. We went on lots and lots of walks, window-shopping, and to the park. We are very glad to have John home now, though. :)

So anyway, I've declared today Blog Day. I'm going to finally transfer a million pictures to the computer and get them processed and ready to post. I'm going to clean out my Google Reader (I currently have 398 unread posts). I'm going to finally respond to many peoples' emails and comments. I'm going to finally finish all of the half-written posts I have saved as drafts! I'm so excited.

Look out!


Anonymous said...

389?! Whoa!

Morgan Jane said...

V. excited you're back. Yours is one of my very favorite blogs.

cara lou said...

Thanks Morgan! You're too sweet. That definitely makes me want to keep writing. :)

Can't wait to see that baby of yours again! Oh, and you guys. :)