Friday, May 22, 2009

Some More Favorites

1) I don't know what is up with the maple theme around here lately, other than it is a delicious flavor and why not? We tried these cookies from Trader Joe's and all three of us are now addicted. They are INSANE. In fact, John just ate one and said it was "retarded" it was so good. And William cries and cries when I won't let him eat any more.

2) I knew it would happen, but didn't do anything to prevent it. I finished the entire Outlander series 4 months before the next (last?) book comes out. And now I'm going nuts. I guess the plus side is that I can now do other things. They've been a little all-consuming. But I'm definitely counting down the days to Sept 22 when the new book will be released!

3) We finally got rid of the ugly, stinky, giant couches that were in our living room and moved our pretty couch in. I'm soooo happy. I just stand here and look at it with a smile on my face. It's so lovely and proportional and not-stinky. I want to squeeze its guts out I'm so happy. And now all I need is the perfect armchair, which I will hunt tirelessly for and blog incessantly about.

One of these days that fireplace will be finished and will no longer be a huge, gaping black hole.

And one more thing...

4) The cosmos must really love me. For there to be a place that serves three completely random and unrelated things, which happen to be three of my very favorite things on the planet, is just too much of a coincidence. I think it's a sign that I'm loved by some higher power. There's really no other explanation for something like this. Which also means that I must go here and consume said goods as often as possible. So let's go!

This weekend we're off to San Diego to go to the zoo and the beach with my mom and youngest brother. Can't wait! Have a wonderful weekend!


Morgan Jane said...

I have no idea who came up with a shop serving yogurt, Boba and cupcakes, but they are truly brilliant. And a little dangerous.

And you'll be glad to know that there are 8 books in the Outlander series. So really, the wait between September 22 and, oh, 3 more years will really kill us.

Have fun in San Diego!

*jimaie.marie* said...

yogurt, boba AND cupcakes?! omgosh!! I seriously think if I stumbled upon that place I might think I had died and gone to heaven...

kelly said...

those are some great favorites!
Your couch looks beautiful in there! what a nice change :) and your mantle looks great too :)

Nellie and Jason said...

so, we just got new's very exciting! We are in love. And I just started the first Outlander book, and am already loving it!! And last but not least, i think I need to send you some money and have you send me some of those cookies. When is Utah gonna get a Trader Joe's...WHEN!?
The End.

Katie and Co. said...

I finished my Outlander books (again) and can't wait for the next one! I hear rumors of a movie, but I kind of hope they don't make one. It's difficult to embody the emotion contained in the books on the big screen.

Bell Blog said...

The cookies look yummy! Are they from Canada? Hmmm... What is Trader Joes? I need to start reading those books, and have fun in San Diego!

cara lou said...

Morgan: Absolutely dangerous. They could rule the world with such brilliant ideas. And I'm so happy there are 2 more books to look forward to! Though you're right, the wait between 7 and 8 is going to be torture. Dang it!

Nellie: Glad you like the books!! I really need to re-read them all. As soon as I get the first book from my sister, I'm going to start. Hehe. And I'll bring up some cookies next month when we come up there -- we must spread the good word to all lands. I can't move to UT because there are no TJs there.

Katie: I know what you mean about the movie. I want it -- but it could never live up to what's in my head. Who could they possibly get to play Jamie? And plus the movie/movies would have to be 5 hours long each to get everything in. I would want everything! I think the better solution would be a tv series. I can't imagine anyone being able to "be" Jamie though.

Mandy: Trader Joe's is a grocery store -- kind of more "specialty" than a normal chain store. They have the most delicious of everything. And yes, you should read these books!

P.S. Outlander is quite risque in parts -- just a warning. :)

Lisa said...

I was wondering what happened to your beloved Maxwell. ;) Glad to see he's back in action. I think the room looks much better.

And I have to go to that place.