Sunday, March 29, 2009

And Now For a Short Film

This is what happens when you combine amazing/fun/talented people (myself excluded), salt flats, some great cameras, freezing weather and some thrift store finds. Brilliance.

Turn up your speakers!!

Salt Flats, Utah from iris and light on Vimeo.

The song is "You Made Me Like It", a new favorite by 1990s.


Ruth said...

Haha. That's awesome!! I love all of your little jumps at the end. So fun!!

sheena said...

Yourself excluded whatever!! Wait until everyone sees you front and center in the next one!!

I cannot wait to get together every time now!! Can you imagine the stuff they'll come up with!

suzy said...

Cara! I was just spying on someone elses blog that I admire, but have never actually met and I was looking at these pictures of the salt flats and suddenly I saw someone who looked just like John. I was surprised that I would recognize him, having never actually met him. And then I saw YOU! That was weird for me. And now I am totally jealous that you and Sheena are new best friends. I love her and I love you and I want to be both of you. And then I came to your blog to confirm what I was seeing and I noticed that you have been blogging a lot lately. I will have to start checking on a regular basis again. And you are definitely not excluded from the talented group silly. I love everything you do!! And you tell really good dirty stories. they will all ask you to tell them a few next time you are hanging out. I think that would be perfect conversation for a thrift store.