Monday, April 14, 2008

Will-a-bee's William's room!

John rocked the taping for painting the stripes. And he and our friend Eric installed the chair rail. They did a really fantastic job. Then Ruth helped me paint it. You may recognize the quilt in the crib -- my mommy made it and I love love love it. The wall color is most acurately represented in this first photo. The next two are kind of wonky.

These prints are by John W. Golden, who I found on They are amazing. The prints say The Sensible Owl, The Happy Bear and The Crooked Fox. I just about fainted straight away when I found them. It was like a dream come true. And they inspired the rest of the room. Please go check out John W. Golden!!

I looked all over the place for brown crib sheets. They simply do not exist. I searched the entire Internet and...nothing. Apparently brown is not a baby color? Am I crazy for wanting brown sheets? So, I found twin size brown flannel sheets on clearance at Target and just turned them into crib size. I felt cool. And I got what I want. Though, since it's become 1 Million Degree Season here this week...the flannel is probably not the most comfortable. I'm keeping my eye open for some good brown cotton.

You can see the new closet doors that John installed. I'm very impressed with his handyman-ness. It's a whole new side of him I've never seen before. We've never been able to DO anything anywhere we've lived before, so it pretty much is awesome. So now all I have left are the curtains, which will be in the below fabric (Fungus Among Us from superbuzzy, of course). I'm really excited about this print. It's probably my favorite fabric ever. And perfect for a little Will room.

Tomorrow: The Bathroom!


suzy said...

I love his room! I will keep my eyes open for brown crib sheets? Couldn't you just whip some up in an afternoon?

kelly southwell said...

Hey Martha, I don't know what to comment on first!!! The cutest little 6 month old I've ever seen (and yes, I do have 4 of my own!) or the perfectly adorable bedroom that you have made for him!
We've lived here for 18 months and I have yet to FINISH any of the kids' rooms (time and $$ I guess is what I need). It looks amazing!
good job, John, on all your handy work...I knew it was in there.

Aurora said...

White cotton sheets + rit dye = nursery designing nirvana

cara lou said...

See, Aurora. That's why I have you for a cousin. You're brilliant.

EJ said...

That is the cutest room I've ever seen. You should get paid for this!

sheena said...

you are amazing!! please come do my whole house!

Ruth said...

That fabric IS the cutest ever, Cara. I can't wait to see some little curtains made out of it!!