Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bedroom, Bookcase, Black Hair, Baby

Here is our finished bedroom. And it's amazing. I absolutely love going to bed in this room. It's the first time in my entire life, including my married life, where my bedroom is just that. A bedroom. It's not doubling as an office or library or anything else. We just go to bed there. It's fabulous. And having really yummy, comfy bedding makes it even more luxurious.

The white mirror was a gold mirror that John had before we even met. I painted it white and it was in our living room at our last apartment. It's so perfect now for our bedroom.

The walls are Chocolate and it makes the room so yummy and cozy and rich. It's just really the best.

This picture makes the room look really small. And I guess actually it is a small room -- our queen-size bed takes up nearly all of it. But, it doesn't feel small at all. When all you're doing is sleeping in a room, you don't need much room. It's perfect.

Here is the new bookcase. Not the most exciting thing in the world...but I'm pretty stoked about it. All of my books were in boxes in the garage until we got this up. Now I can actually have access to them and the bookcase really helped make the living room look more finished and home-y. I spent like 2 hours just arranging and re-arranging the books. Ha!

Don't mind the hideous shirt. I was in the middle of painting a door when we decided to take pics before the sun went down.

So, I used to have black hair. Then I got pregnant and decided to stop dying my hair. So, for about the last year I've been a total gradient-head. It wasn't pretty. I didn't realize just how dreadful it was, though, until I saw a picture of the back of my head a few days ago. Something had to be done. I could either cut my hair off to above my shoulders or go black again. John said he'd leave me if I cut my hair. Plus I don't want short hair. Plus I like my hair darker anyway. So...I'm once again black-haired. Or, actually, one step above black. A pain to keep up. But at least I'm still married. ;)

I do find it interesting that not a single person has noticed though. I thought it was a pretty drastic change but even people I live with haven't noticed.

Is anything better than this?


Morgan Jane said...

Nope, nothing better than that picture. I want to eat him up!

As for the bedroom, it really does look cozy. I understand the difficulty of keeping a bedroom a bedroom, and not cluttered and what not. I commend you!

And don't worry about taking that long to organize the books. I do the exact same thing. :)

suzy said...

Well I for one am glad that you took so long to organize your books because I am going to completely copy you. I love it. I was just thinking the same thing about my bedroom today too, except mine isn't just a sleeping room yet. I also love your hair. Do you dye it yourself? My sister in law is a beautician, but I can never find the time to get up to where she is so I was thinking of just doing it myself. If you do do your own, what brand do you like the most? And finally, I love your son. He is so so precious. I want to see some more of your wonderful husbands photography skills.

AuroraLeigh said...

Your bookshelf looks like mine! Of course... mine was $30 from Walmart and your books look a lot prettier.

I want to put two side by side in my living room in the new place. Bookshelves make me deliriously happy for some reason.

Lisa said...

Well I didn't realize your hair was two toned before. I thought you had just kept dying it all this time. I feel really unobservant now.

So we have the same blue brown thing going on around here, but I just can't decide how to paint the walls. In our bedroom our furniture is all dark brown and the curtains are blue and the bedding is a mix of the two. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. I need to make a decision already!

Ruth said...

Cara, I noticed your hair looked different but I thought you just got it cut! Ha. I guess in my mind I always still pictured you with black hair, even when it was growing out. =)

That's one cute little man you have there. He's such a sweetheart!! And the place looks amazing. A complete transformation!!!

Anonymous said...

First thing I noticed was your hair and I love it!! I'm guessing William noticed it also....


Hey we have matching bedrooms! Mine is a dark chocolate brown also and I love it, it makes for good sleeping in such a dark room.

I love the bookshelf. All of our books are in boxes or stacked in the closet and on my dresser.

All of the pictures are so fun, thanks for sharing!

kelly southwell said...

I was just browsing that "dream bedding" again at RH. I love it! Your room looks amazing (as does the rest of the house). come do mine now...I'm out of time and $$ :).

Hey, I loved your "walrus" comment on Sheena's blog ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I love your son!!! Can't wait to see him again before he is walking and talking. We miss you. Your house looks great now come do mine!!

cara lou said...

Suzy: I both color my own hair and have it done by my hair girl. Depends on how much money I have. Haha. I think I used Nice 'n Easy. Haha!