Monday, April 28, 2008

Solvang Sunday

Yesterday we decided we needed to get out of the house and out of town so at noon we packed up the baby and got on the 101 North.

It was really hot but the drive was beautiful. And I wish I had gotten a photo -- holy crap gas got really expensive really fast. The lowest price we saw was $3.93. Most stations were over $4.00. What is up with that? Jerk-faces.

We ended up in Solvang -- one of my favorite places to go around here.

It was William's first time there of course and he LOVED the cuckoo clock store. And, you know how badly I've been wanting a cuckoo clock for his room (and...for me). Well, this shop just happened to be having a sale and we couldn't resist. We found the most perfect one for William's room and he absolutely loves it. He gets so excited when it goes off. Just seeing the look on his face in the store made me get teary-eyed. Now I also need a bigger one for me. I'll have to start saving up. Cuckoo clocks are just like, the coolest things ever.

William got his first taste of an aebleskiver and he loved it. He's going to be so stoked at Christmas -- we have them for breakfast every year (though my mom's are better than these restaurant ones).

We drove home the back way past Lake Cachuma (I'd never been in those parts before. The lake is really pretty and I'm sure we'll go camping there sometime soon).

We ended up in Santa Barbara. We stopped there for a smoothie and to walk around and I once again was hit with a want-y-ness to live there. I love Santa Barbara. The houses are amazing. My dream is to someday live in a 1920s house within walking distance to a downtown shopping district. Doesn't even have to be Santa Barbara. But definitely Santa Barbara-esque.

We didn't take this photo.

Taking a break.

William loves his Daddy.

Finally asleep. -- thanks to loud rock music.



Ruth said...

Hehe, so cute!!!! I love that clock! That sounds like such a fun day. I also love Santa Barbara - why does it have to be so dang expensive?

My family used to go camping at Lake Cachuma when I was a kid. We had a lot of fun!

Kaja said...

That clock is really adorable! Sounds like you had a fun little get-out! Those are always my favorite.

Morgan Jane said...

CARA!?!?!?! You were in Solvang and you didn't call us? We're like 40 minutes from Solvang! I'm so mad at you right now, but your cute baby takes away some of the anger. :)

I'm glad you had so much fun. We love Sunday drives around this area. It's so pretty right now from all the rain!

suzy said...

Don't days like that just make you love your little family so much? I'm so glad you found a cuckoo clock! My parents have a worldmark timeshare and one of the new locations is Solvang. We always want to go and stay there, but that particular resort isn't that kid friendly so other places always win in the end. Next week we are going to San Diego. William is seriously so handsome.

cara lou said...

I need to take a photo of the clock within the context of the entire room. It's unbelievably adorable. I'm so stoked on it.

Morgan -- What the?? I totally forgot that you guys live up there. Dang! We'll totally make sure to call you next time!!

Suzy -- Have fun in San Diego!! It's going to be so hot. SD is about 3 hours south from us. If John's mom wasn't going to be here next week I could have tried to talk John int driving down there so we could say hi! How long has it been -- like 8 or more years?? Did we last see each other at a Taco Time in Price or did I just call you from there or something?

Christie said...

Um, missy, It doesn't sound like there was time for church in this little extravagant day.... ;)

cara lou said...

Haha. Yeah, I might go to hell. :)

Anonymous said...

I Love those toes!!! Babies have the fattest, yummiest feet ever!!! Oh and cute clocks too--reminds me of my Aunt Lindy back in Arizona when I was a little girl.