Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Mittens

Once upon a time (last Christmas), a Brother asked a Sister to make him some mittens like hers. "Of course," said Sister and she promptly began to knit them.

She knit and knit, trying to finish them before leaving Brother's town for Her town. Soon it became obvious that the mittens were going to be much too small for Brother. They were too small for Sister, who was just a medium-sized girl. There was no way they would fit a large-sized Brother.

Sister got bummed out and put the mittens away. She worked on them on and off (mostly off) for many months. Then, Sister decided to finish them. After all, Sister-in-Law was a small-sized girl -- surely they will fit her!

And so now they are finally finished. And everyone will be happy. Well, except for Brother, who will still not have any mittens.

Pattern by Hello Yarn .
This is my 3rd pair of these mittens I've made and I really love them. They were my first experience doing color work and were a great introduction! Plus, cute as cute and free pattern! Why this pair turned out so much smaller than the others is still a mystery.


Fatale Femme said...

I love this story. ACK. Ack. Ack.

If these aren't intended for me, I may kill the intended. No really. Whatever poor sack that married in without me looking and thought they were getting mittens are going to be sadly dead and disappointed.

kelly said...

these are adorable!love the pattern!

you've been busy.

miss you!

cara lou said...

Indeed, they are for you. You being my only current sister-in-law, and all. I'm glad you want made the struggle to finish them worth...the struggle. Oh yeah.

Alissa said...

Brother selected beautiful colors. He can at least enjoy looking at them, haha.

Lisa said...

Good job on finally finishing them Cara! Yay! And the photos are so awesome. :)