Saturday, November 28, 2009

One More Baby Afghan...

And here is the third crocheted afghan I've made in the past month and a half. Phew! Yet another Vanna pattern (though I ended up doing something wrong and it looks nothing like the pattern, oops!) with Vanna yarn. I have so much of this yarn around now that I have plans for about 5 other projects just to use up all these left-overs!

This one is for my friend-since-9th-grade Christie who is due at the end of the year. I'm really hoping that the baby comes while I'm still in town at Christmas so I can meet him before I have to come back home. Make it happen, baby!

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Adventures in Heywood said...

I was super stoked to finally get a Cara original. I consider it a major honor. (So would the baby if he were capable of realizing the magnitude I'm sure.) It's like it's very own reason to have a baby. :)