Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cozy x 3

I just finished my first commissioned order! My good friend Erin asked me to make a couple of these drink cozies/sleeves to give as Christmas gifts. I was so excited! These little guys are really fun to make. Erin only asked for two, but I just had to throw in one for her, as well.

While driving a few days ago I was struck with a new idea to do a crocheted ripple along the edge. I was so excited to get home and try it that I could barely drive! I'm so happy with the way it looks. Punching the holes, and crocheting with the world's smallest crochet hook takes a bit more time but I think it's so worth it.

I have another project in my head using felt and this crocheted edge that I'm soooo eager to make. It'll be my reward after I finish the Christmas gift I'm currently working on. Can't wait!!!


Lisa said...

I love your little cozies! :) So cute. The crochet edge is such a good idea too.

EJ said...

I'm in love with the cozies! I had to giggle picturing you driving with so much excitement to get home and try your new idea. I do so enjoy your creativity. Thank you thank you!

Alissa said...

These are getting cuter and cuter! The crochet edge is just adorable! How do you poke the holes to crochet in?