Thursday, November 6, 2008


53 weeks old.

Two of my favorite people in the world.

A fun street to be on.

We go places other people wish they could go.

From the rooftops.

I love old stuff.

And blue stairs.

A favorite.


I spent a good chunk of change here.

Even fun at night.

William's first fall leaves.

Super fun.

Ryan climbs a tree for the first time.

Trevor looks on.

Sigh. Someone buy me a house on this street, please.

Ice cream counter.

Mommy and Will having fun wearing coats! and playing in the leaves.

So many pretty places.

Grandma's house.

More fall.

I miss you already.

William and I had an excellent time in Utah with my family. We spent most of the days with Beth or Trevor as their school and work schedules allowed. Then spent evenings with my parents and Ryan and Alexa.

I realized that I hadn't been to Utah during the fall for many years. I was driving around town just in awe of all of the color surrounding me. It was actually kind of a hazard. It was just so beautiful. I miss it even more now than I did before.

And it cracks me up that wearing a coat seems like such a novelty. Growing up, having to wear a coat for 5 + months of the year was quite a nuisance. But, I miss that, too.


Trevy said...

Hey not all the pictures will load....anyone else have this problem or am I a loser?

Alissa said...

I can't see a lot of the pictures either - I'm so sad! And Trevor, you are not a loser :-)

Kaja said...

Yeah, I only see 4 of them. I thought it was because I'm on a Mac, but if other people are having problems, then I'm glad it's not only me.
I miss Utah... :( Leslie made me feel all jealous about seeing the snow covered mountains!

cara lou said...

The pics are fixed! Sorry about that -- totally my fault. That's what you get when trying to take short-cuts.

Alissa said...

The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for fixing them :-).

Trevy said...

could you turn of the fat setting next time you take pictures of me...

Morgan Jane said...

It's so beautiful up there! I'm glad you had such a good time, even if the circumstances of your visit weren't all together pleasant. And hooray for fall!

pollywallydoodle said...

Move home to Utah already!! We miss you guys --wahhhhhh xoxoxoxoxo