Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thinking Out Loud About the Holidays

I was up until 2am last night. Thinking about Christmas. For the past week or so I've been trying to decide how we're going to "do" Christmas, now that we have started a family. The commercialization and buying frenzy that goes on around Christmas really makes me physically sick to my stomach and I want to make sure that within our little family, we never get caught up in that side of the holiday. I want it to be focused on family and traditions and the real reason for celebrating in the first place. Not "having" to buy gifts, stressing about wrapping/entertaining/cramming every possible holiday thing into a couple of weeks, etc.

What I decided to do with our kid(s) is to give 4 gifts from us -- something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read -- one Santa gift (something bigger) and a stocking with craft/hobby supplies or something to add to a collection along with an orange and a little treat. We will also focus on giving mostly handmade gifts.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

I have been thwarted a bit in my goal to make/buy handmade as some last minute plans mean I won't even be home for the majority of the month. I've already been gone for two weeks and after one day at home, I'll be gone for another 3 weeks. This will leave me one week before Christmas to make a couple of handmade things (mostly William's). I have purchased a couple of handmade-by-others gifts, however. For the remaining gifts (besides a couple purchases from Amazon) I am going to buy local.

So anyway, exciting post, huh? This is just what has been keeping me up at night and I'm so happy to have it like, all figured out. Maybe I'm a freak to be so obsessively worried about it right now, or at all, but I like having a plan.

William and I are off to Utah for Thanksgiving on Sunday and will be there for 3 weeks. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, all you kids, and I'll catch ya lata.

Sorry again for the lame, boring, picture-less post.


Alissa said...

Hey, you know, you CAN work on stuff while you're in Utah. It is possible to make stuff here, LOL.

Nellie and Jason said...

When are you coming!?

Bethany said...

I think that is an amazing idea. And it rhymes :D

Kaja said...

Sounds like a great idea! I had ideas like that when I had Renee and then I just gave up after a while... But I mostly make all of my gifts. I start stressing about Christmas in July!

EJ said...

I have been having the same up at night dialogue with myself. I think you've given me an answer. I love the four gift idea, amazing! Have fun in Utah! If you want to take a road trip, I'm only three hours North :)