Friday, October 5, 2007

A Bunch of Rambling and Talk of a Delicious Soup

I just had to write and share my excitement. It's COLD outside, people. Now, understand that by "cold" I mean "under 70 degrees". The fact is, it's 68 degrees. I know that in most parts of the world, 68 degrees is nowhere near cold but to me, here in this land of fiery temperatures for 98% of the year, it's downright chilly.

Evidence: I had to wear a jacket when I went for my hair appointment.
Conclusion: It is chilly.

This thrills me to no end. There are LEAVES on the GROUND, thanks to the breeze. I have all the windows open and...I am not sweating. That is definitely news worthy considering I've been a sweaty, gigantic walrus for the past several months.

Also, the google weather thingy says it might rain. It's blue-skied and sunny right now, but there are some fluffy clouds around the edges so...maybe?? I do hope so.

I made Bean and Bacon Soup (from Real Simple February 2005) last night for dinner. I've been making it for a couple of years now and it's absolutely my favorite -- with a big chunk of sourdough bread to dip in it. I always make a double batch and then freeze what we don't eat the first night -- this way we have 3-4 two person meals ready to go. And this is a soup that's always better the next day or two weeks later. It is so so good.

I want to make an apple pie right now. And wear boots and tights and a sweater. And go on a hay ride and rake some leaves. And then sit by a fire this evening and drink a hot beverage. With my family. I miss my family.

At least my mom is coming tomorrow! We pick her up from the airport at noon and I'm counting down the hours. This is only the second time she's ever come to visit while we've lived here so it's very exciting.

I have a couple of projects to finish but I'm not feeling very motivated. I need to sew two birthday presents for next month so that I don't have to worry about it then. At least the cutting is done. I DESPISE the measuring and cutting part of any sewing project. If I were rich I'd hire someone to do it for me, cause seriously, it drives me insane.

Alright, this is turning into a bunch of rambling. But I just had to share the good news -- 68 degrees! I'm going to go sew for a bit and then lay on the couch for a bit, now. Hopefully we're going to go see The Darjeeling Limited tonight -- but it's only playing in Santa Monica and Century City, so we'll see if I'm feeling up to the drive tonight. It'll most likely be our last childless Friday night and the last movie we go to for awhile so...we've got to live it up!

Have a fabulous weekend my friends! Hope it's fallish where you are.


Lisa said...

The most glorious thing happened this morning. I woke up and it was overcast. In Bakersfield. Overcast. And it was cold. I had to snuggle under the comforter this morning for a change to keep warm. And I got to wear my new fall short coat. And on the way to work it sprinkled. And now there are fluffy clouds all over the sky. Now I'm still skeptical that summer might come back and trick me next week. But I am enjoying Autumn while it lasts.

Christen said...

You are so completely calm right now. I'd be going nuts and probably sitting on the couch, dressed in my hospital outfit, with my suitcase in hand. I'm so nervous and I'm not even having this child!

Ruth said...

Oh I hope you make it to the movie! I really want to see that one. Actually, there are a couple out I want to see right now...but it seems there is always something else to do!

I was outside with a sweater on after work today and I was still cold! I would even go so far as to say it was blustery! Ha ha. Is that the right word? Why do I feel like Winnie the Pooh is chuckling in the background?

I made a delicious mug of cinnamon hot chocolate tonight and watched What Not to Wear, all cuddled up in blankets on the couch. The leaves on our little baby trees in the front yard are changing to red. Yes, I dare say fall is here! And just in time for you to be a mommy!