Saturday, June 30, 2012

Journals and Journeys

They are the cutest things ever together.

I have realized recently that I miss blogging on a regular basis. I really enjoy going back through old posts like a journal. Since I don't write in a paper journal or anything, I'd like to make sure I have some sort of record to look back on. Especially as these little babies grow. My goal is to check in about once a week with some pictures and an update. So, if anyone is reading this ol' blog anymore, that's the haps. :)

We are driving to Utah tomorrow to visit my family. John will be in Korea and Thailand for 3 weeks on shoots so Will, Vv and I are hitting the road. My mom is flying down to drive back with us, which is super sweet and so helpful. It'll definitely make the 12 + hour road trip go more smoothly. We're going to take it nice and easy and do the drive over two days rather than cramming it into one. And Violet doesn't love the car, so I anticipate many stops. :)

Such tasty rolls.

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